Why Advanced Metals Technology?

Our Commitment to You
Rochoet recognizes that PGM alloys as well as metal forming technologies must advance as our global industries advance their technology and their requirements for improved quality. We promise to always keep ahead of the pace in order to ensure our customers cost effective, state-of-the-art products and materials but never at the cost of our planet Earth.

How do we keep this promise?

Rochoet develops Advanced Metals Technologies to create both improved PGM materials and advanced metal forming processes.

Science and technology advances...so does Rochoet!

As science and technology advances, so do Rochoet PGM alloys and products. Innovation and technology introduce new manufacturing techniques and processes that may require materials designed to better fit the advancing applications. Rochoet can design those "Advanced PGM Materials" for you.

Diagnosing the problem.

Rochoet's enthusiastic dedication to Platinum Group Metals provides global industries with expert understanding and treatment of their unique PGM requirements. We don't simply treat the "symptoms" when industry calls for a solution to a problem. We get to know the patient personally. By listening carefully to your company's unique applications we can suggest product and material remedies that treat the real problem, not just the symptoms.

Industry calls for hi-tech alloys...Rochoet looks for simple solutions.

Rochoet engineers PGM alloys to fit each specific product or process application but does so in a way that eliminates over-engineering the solution. Often a lack of understanding of the working characteristics of PGMs can lead to shortened life of PGM materials. Rochoet will help you develop more appropriate processes to ensure material and product longevity where possible.

Rochoet treats the "big picture" with respect.

Rochoet is concerned about the world we live in and the effect our products can have on life. So we provide our customers with material processing expertise that reduces the need to develop "specialty alloys" that might introduce unwanted bi-products such as higher costs or unwanted safety concerns. Sometimes science gets ahead of itself and creates more problems than it solves. We believe we can solve your problem and keep the planet safe and clean at the same time.

Our Invitation.

We invite you to tell us what PGM material improvements you would like to see. Call us today at 561-238-2800. We look forward to getting to know your company, your application and your observations so that we can suggest the remedy that fits your specific need.