Rochoet handles a wide range of PGM materials for recycling and refining such as automotive catalysts, circuit boards, high-grade metallic scrap and sweepings. The company’s facilities can separate and purify platinum, palladium, ruthenium, rhodium, iridium, gold and silver and can handle everything from dental scrap and laboratory ware to spent metal catalysts.

From your unuseable scrap to the products you need!

Once the refining process is complete, Rochoet forms the resultant platinum group metals into a wide variety of useful products including sponge, grains, bars, ingots, rods, plates, wire, tube, ring blanks, crucibles, catalysts and engineered parts.

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Materials Certification

Rochoet’s Internationally-certified quality system is in place during the refining and separating of metals, ensuring a high standard of excellence. This is completed through burning, crushing or sifting, or through a chemical process such as precipitation for the use of electrolyte separation. View Material Certification

Refining…The Complex Process

The fact is that almost all refining requires a combination of refining procedures in a multi-step process that is different for each combination of materials. This complexity is a major reason why using a refiner with as much experience as Rochoet is a must. Rochoet offers the best way to get the highest return for your dollar.

Rochoet “Full Circle” Materials Management
Your Tool to Cost Effective Metal Management

Platinum Group Metals are an expensive investment for Rochoet and our customers. Managing that investment can make the difference between profit and loss. Rochoet’s “Full Circle” Materials Management Programs provide customers with access to the platinum group metals that they need, when they need them, in the form they need them.


A Predictable, Reliable Cost-effective Supply

A reliable, predictable supply of platinum group materials at the lowest possible cost is the goal of every business. “Full Circle” Materials Management provides global industries with a recycling program uniquely designed to fit their particular requirements. One size does not fit all and Rochoet appreciates the importance of clearly understanding your company's materials management requirements in order to best serve you.

Recycling Shouldn’t be an afterthought!

Recycling is an ever more important part of cost-effective materials management. Rochoet makes it easy to return scrap or platinum group parts that have outlived their usefulness and turns the returns into easy to understand cash and credits toward Rochoet products and materials.

See your “Real” Cost of Doing Business

Speak with your Rochoet sales representative to set up a complete program which includes both your product purchases and the costs related to the return of materials for recycling. Let Rochoet show you the “real” cost of doing business!

                      Vault Programs that make dollars and sense!

How can global companies increase access to inventory while decreasing inventory costs?

Rochoet offers flexible vault programs based on continuous business where the cost and risk of inventory can, in part, be shared. Each program is tailored to fit various levels of business and made to ensure higher profits for both Rochoet and its customers. Sound vault programs are built on mutually beneficial thinking and at Rochoet, we are always open to earning our profits by ensuring the profits of our customers.

Speak with your Rochoet sales representative to discuss setting up a program that improves your product turn at a reasonable cost.

Chad scraps

   Machine scrap ready for refining

Crucibles for refining

       Crucibles ready for refining

 Our easy to understand Full Circle Refining Programs deliver clear and simple credits that ensure our customers a predictable, reliable and cost effective material supply.

Erez Goldgraber / Managing Director