Wire Shapes: Available as round or square wire. Or request other shapes to Create Your Own Wire.

Dimensions: Diameter of .1mm to 1.29mm. Product larger than 1.29mm is considered Rod. Rochoet wire is available in straight lengths of up to 889 mm or 35 inches or can be spooled according to customer instructions.

Rochoet's advanced metals technologies produces the finest wire available anywhere from our four 9's platinum bullion.

Rochoet Wire Catalog


Platinum Group wire alloys are available in the following material combinations:

Rochoet's wire alloy list

If the wire you want to use is not on this list, Create Your Own Wire by entering the alloy contents you require. If you aren't sure of the elements used in the wire that you desire, enter the alloy name you are familiar with (for example, PT900 or PD950) and a Rochoet representative will contact you to discuss your material requirements.

Material certification is provided with all Rochoet wire products.

Rochoet laser wire should be a staple of every modern day jewelry manufacturer.

Gary West / Vice President of Operations

Rochoet 5 nines materials are what manufacturers of biomedical products must have.

Erez Goldgraber / Partner Rochoet