Rochoet uses its advanced metals technologies to produce the finest finger size tubing available in a full range of finger sizes from our four 9's platinum bullion.

Major ring manufacturers prefer the precision of Rochoet finger size tubing to machine their ring products using state-of-the-art CNC lathes. Rochoet offers Full Circle Refining programs for users of finger size tubing that help improve overall material yield.

If the finger size tubing you want to use is not on this list, Create Your Own Finger Size Tubing by entering the alloy contents you require. If you aren't sure of the elements used in the finger size tubing that you desire, then enter the alloy name you are familiar with - for example, PT900 or PD950 - and a Rochoet representative will contact you to discuss your material requirements.

Material certification is provided with all Rochoet finger size tubing products.

Rochoet finger size tubing customers are usually major manufacturers. They are pressed to keep their prices under control. Our Full Circle Refining programs provide simple, prompt and easy to understand credits that make the most of their initial tubing investment..

Gary West / Vice President of Operations

Tubing shelf stock can be arranged for Rochoet customers who use a continuous supply of specific tube sizes. Partnering with our customers in this respect provides a reliable material supply. That makes good dollars and sense for both of us.

Erez Goldgraber / Partner