Labware Re-shapers

Precious metal labware is sensitive to mechanical deformation when used in their high temperature working environment. High temperatures naturally reduce the hardness of the materials and the walls of the precious metal labware can becomewrinkled after several uses.

Double walled, reinforced or heavy walled labware will reduce the likelihood and degree of wrinkling but once deformed, cleaning the labware can be more difficult. Rochoet offers plastic formers or re-shapers for most labware which can be used at room temperature to help restore the original shape.

Numbering Your Labware

It may be desirable to have Rochoet apply a serial number to your labware in order to manage batch control. If this would be helpful we can engrave a serial number for a nominal charge.


Custom Made Labware

If your Laboratory requires a special material or shape that does not exist in standard labware offerings, Rochoet can custom manufacture crucibles, dishes and pans for your particular application. One time costs would include the tools needed to form the labware. Drawings must be provided where possible or Rochoet will provide drawings which must be approved prior to manufacturing.




Rochoet Full Circle Refining

Rochoet offers its "Full Circle" crucible credit program which allows users of platinum labware to receive a prompt credit for old crucibles where age has rendered them useless. This maximizes the value of your old platinum crucibles to reduce your overall analytical costs.