The Purchase Decision
Getting costs for new platinum labware at the current metal market prices and finding out how much your old unusable labware is worth can be time consuming and confusing.

  • Who makes the labware styles you need?
  • Which precious metal website gives me accurate Metal Prices?
  • How do I compare vendor quotes?
  • Is the company easy to work with? What if I’m not satisfied?

Rochoet Offers a Simple Solution
Make it simple, call Rochoet and tell us how many grams of old platinum material you would like to return for credit. Tell us what platinum alloy and labware style you would like to purchase. We will provide you with a clear, easy to understand estimation of the value of the old labware, the cost of the new labware and the net difference. We also offer an unmatched 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Comparing Vendor Quotations
When searching for quality Platinum Labware at a fair price, how do you compare
apples with apples? Rochoet suggests that you remember these points:

  • The Metal Market Date- Since precious metal prices change everyday it is advisable to ask each labware supplier to base their quotation on the same calendar date.
  • The Style of the Labware - Each Platinum Labware provider may have their own stylename for the same labware. If you know the style name last purchased, this will assist us in quoting the appropriate labware for your apples to apples comparison.
  • The Weight of the Labware - Manufacturers of Platinum Labware often provide similar products and even standard style
    categories such as Volatile Matter Crucibles and others can be offered at different gram weights for the same capacity. If
    weights don’t match simply understand that the heavier labware is likely to cost more.
  • The Material - Be certain that the desired platinum alloy is stated clearly in all quotations. If it is not clearly stated the alloy
    might not be the one desired.
Rochoet Full Circle Refining

Rochoet offers its "Full Circle" crucible credit program which allows users of platinum labware to receive a prompt credit for old crucibles where age has rendered them useless. This maximizes the value of your old platinum crucibles to reduce your overall analytical costs.