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Rochoet's Standard Line of Platinum Crucibles

Rochoet Standard Crucible Catalog

Catalog Pages for the following are included:                 

  • SF Series of Standard Form Crucibles
  • LF Series of Low Form Crucibles
  • ED Series of Evaporation Dishes with Round Bottoms
  • XRF Fusionware
  • FD Series of Flour Ashing Dishes
  • MD Series of Milk Analysis Dishes

Generally our standard line of high-purity, precisely-calibrated platinum crucibles meet the technical specifications of most assaying and manufacturing equipment, but if a unique shape or size is needed, we can custom form a crucible to your specifications.Rochoet makes platinum crucibles of every size and shape.


Crystal Growing

Growing Crystals In Iridium Crucible

Material Property Requirements:

Some applications have specific needs that are satisfied by a platinum crucible alloy with a larger percentage of one of the noble metals group.

Noble metals include: platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, gold, silver, ruthenium and osmium. Ruthenium and osmium however, are rarely used because they are unworkable in their pure form. Various combinations of the other noble metals produce platinum alloys with specific properties that meet specific needs.

So whether your task is to assay a sample, melt a specimen or grow an oxide crystal, Rochoet has the platinum crucible you need!

Unlike many suppliers, Rochoet actually manufactures both the platinum materials and the crucibles. There is no middle man when a laboratory buys platinum labware direct from Rochoet

Erez Goldgraber / Partner

What really makes Rochoet  platinum crucible programs attractive is our easy to understand Full Circle Refining. Full Circle delivers clear and simple credits for your worn out platinum labware

Gary West / Vice President of Operations