Service and Technical Support on Concentration of PGM Bearing Ore

The development of greenfields into fully fletched mineral processing and refining operations

A. Feasibility Studies
- A complete and accurate assessment of the potential optimization of recoveries.

B. Comminution
- Crushing and milling of ores to optimize pgm liberation.

C. Classification
- Screening types to separate different material particle sizes.

D. Preconcentration
- Gravity separation - spirals, jigs, centrifugals etc...
- Magnetic and electromagnetic separation.

E. Flotation
- To increase pgm values.

F. Smelting or Converter Matte
- Submerged-arc, DC-arc, and fuelled furnaces.

G. Leaching
- Atmospheric, moderate, and high pressure.

H. Base Metal
- Removal and recoveries.

- Separation and refining.


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