Custom Solutions for Global Industries


Getting an edge on the competition.

Global Industry leaders stay ahead of the competition by inventing and reinventing their product lines. They rely heavily on material suppliers like Rochoet. Why Rochoet? Because we recognize that our customers want and need to develop custom products and materials made from platinum group metals in order to set their companies apart from the competition..This often requires custom designs and PGM materials. Rochoet's willingness to partner with companies taking the lead in product development is simple common sense.

Who uses our Rochoet customized products and solutions?

> Crucible users who need taller vessels made of special alloys.

> Glass Manufacturers who need help reducing heat induced thermocouple stress fracture rates.

> Fuel cell manufacturers rethinking the size and shape and alloys used in hydrogen membranes.

> Jewelry manufacturers looking for alloys of high purity and workability.

> Inventors searching to marry the attributes of platinum group metals to titanium or other specialty metals.

Whether you need special dimension, a specialty alloy or tight tolerances for high tech applications, Rochoet wants to be a part of your new product development.  

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Rochoet immediately stepped up to help me with the challenge of developing material for my all platinum and diamond handbag.

Osnat Gad / Ocie Jeweled